Enhancing community wellbeing

The Lenzing Group’s various production sites operate in their specific ecological, social and economic environments. Lenzing businesses and their regional partners are mutually dependent, sharing opportunities as well as challenges.

Community wellbeing is therefore necessary for the company’s continued operations. As a good corporate citizen, the Lenzing Group promotes the beneficial development of the communities and regions where it operates. This is achieved through safe and eco-friendly operations, fair employment practices and contributions to local economic development and community life.

Promoting societal wellbeing is a key cornerstone of Lenzing’s “Naturally positive” sustainability strategy and more than just a question of ensuring society’s acceptance of Lenzing’s activities. The Lenzing Group takes its responsibility as a large industrial company and reliable corporate citizen very seriously, even outside its direct business operations. The company strives to help improve the living conditions of its neighbors. Lenzing relies on them just as much as they rely on Lenzing.

In addition to conducting safe and environmentally responsible operations with fair business practices, Lenzing provides support to numerous social and environmental protection projects, often over many years. It also promotes local activities, from educational initiatives to healthcare and infrastructure measures. The individual production sites of the Lenzing Group act autonomously for the most part in selecting specific projects and measures that support local development and a positive social environment. For more information, please see “Social responsibility” focus paper.

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