Strategy, targets, and roadmaps

Lenzing’s corporate strategy, sCore TEN includes a climate change target that serves as a milestone for the long-term science-based target and ensures that climate change is incorporated into the business strategy and decision-making.

To effectively achieve the science-based target, the global project manager has developed a high-level science -based target roadmap for the Group with potential site-level targets. These scenarios and site targets were aligned with the CEO, steering committee, and other decision-makers of key functions and regions. This has provided guidance and direction and facilitated the development of roadmaps by each production site and function.

With the support and facilitation of the global project manager, each site manager and the corresponding team have developed a site-specific roadmap to implement the agreed targets. This has ensured that the line function and team responsible for implementation takes ownership of the roadmap development and can therefore plan its effective implementation. The production sites have considered the facility context (e.g. production set-up, fuel mix), potential for improvement in different areas, site strategy, and the expectations of different stakeholders.

Lenzing has begun implementing its ambitious science-based target (SBT), which was approved in November 2019. The following section provides information about the implementation in a few key areas.

Highlights 2021

  1. Development and progress of Group-level and production site-level roadmaps towards net-zero emissions
  2. The Task-Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) has been implemented in the global organization and the ownership for key risks and opportunities have been defined
  3. Improved climate change transparency and disclosure with CDP Climate – achieved leadership status with “A” rating
  4. Supplier engagement continued with key chemicals suppliers
  5. Two additional new products with climate change benefits were launched
  6. Four production sites in the Lenzing Group now use 100 percent renewable electricity from the grid (Lenzing, Heiligenkreuz, Paskov and Mobile)
  7. One production site (Nanjing, China) made progress towards transitioning from coal to natural gas
  8. Successful completion and commissioning of an air purification and sulfur recovery plant in Lenzing (Austria) (to reduce scope 3 emissions)
  9. A few pivotal projects were set up with dedicated responsibilities and budgets in 2020 and continued in the reporting year
    1. Technology innovation: project launch with academic partners to decarbonize heating demand by developing high-temperature heat pumps with renewable electricity that replaces fossil fuel use for heating needs
    2. In Lenzing (Austria), an on-site photovoltaic power generation project is under development. In addition, two new projects were in planning in 2021 and are currently in the decision-making stage.

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