Lenzing’s circular economy vision

We give waste a new life. Every day

Lenzing drives the industry towards a fully-fledged circular economy by striving to give waste a new life in all aspects of our core business and by co-developing circular solutions with potential partners in and outside the current value chain to close loops wherever possible. This vision is based on our determination to create value with as little virgin resources as possible and to reduce the use of fossil carbon in the company and the value chain while improving sustainability performance. It is built on the three following pillars.

We use regenerative and recycled raw materials to protect the planet

An important element in Lenzing’s circular economy vision is its use of wood, a renewable raw material harvested from sustainably managed forests. In its biorefineries, Lenzing converts 100 percent of the wood it receives to make high-value products and bioenergy. At the same time, Lenzing proactively participates in conservation projects to protect the world’s ecosystems. We are also using an increasing amount of alternative cellulose feedstock, in particular from textile waste, as a raw material and focus on further developing the technology therefore.

We think circular to design out waste and pollution in all our processes

In addition to using raw materials highly efficiently, Lenzing reduces its waste by closing loops in production. By implementing circular thinking and high environmental and social standards in Lenzing’s operations, procurement and innovations, we minimize the impact on ecosystems and society not only for Lenzing, but also throughout the value chain. Lenzing proactively develops and drives innovations in recycling, such as our REFIBRA™ and Eco Cycle technologies, to deliver solutions to the issue of global textile waste.

We innovate processes to use and reuse materials again and again

We continuously improve our biorefinery concept by optimizing the cascading use of biomass in order to minimize the utilization of virgin resources. We set standards in the industry by further closing the loops in the technologies we use.

We develop recycling technologies at a commercial scale to increase resource efficiency and reduce waste in the value chain. Lenzing implements close digital connections (blockchain technology) and relevant tools (e-branding services) to enhance transparency across the network to give customers and end users confidence and to facilitate the transition from a linear to a circular supply chain.

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