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Management Approach

Material topic: Health & safety

Importance for Lenzing

  • Employee health and wellbeing is a fundamental prerequisite for the Lenzing Group’s long-term success and business growth
  • Lenzing is morally, ethically and legally responsible for occupational health and safety, which ensures the wellbeing of Lenzing’s employees, visitors and contractors


  • A safe work environment, and supportive health measures for employees enables an engaging and contributive workforce
  • Upcoming generations of talent are likely to value purpose, fulfilment and social responsibility more highly than ever before
  • Educating, training and motivating team members to behave safely and to care for each other
  • Occupational medical services to ensure that employees are fit and well, offering health surveillance to support workplace risk management and employee health screening to support health and wellbeing
  • Protecting people based on the belief that every adverse event, injury and occupational illness is preventable


  • Occupational health and safety risks for own employees, visitors and contractors
  • Talent attraction and retention

Group guiding principles

  • sCore TEN strategy
  • HR Strategy
  • Policy for Safety, Health and Environment
  • ISO 45001:2018 certification
  • Global Code of Business Conduct
  • Global Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Health guiding principle (“House of Health”)
  • Life-Saving Rules Group Guideline

Processes and (ongoing) measures

  • Lenzing Corporate Action Plan (COVID-19)
  • Safety, Health & Environment Action Reporting System
  • Management of risk processes
  • Regular Global QESH meeting with management review
  • Regular meetings of health and safety committees at every production site
  • Heartbeat for Safety Program
  • IOSH safety training
  • Safety Walks and Talks
  • Monthly safety webinars
  • Provision of health services
  • eMotion program with “Moveeffect” app


  • Global roll-out and implementation of guiding principles to continuously improve group-wide safety and health performance
  • Contribution to a high level of health and wellbeing
  • Commitment to a sustainable and healthy leadership style

Achievements/activities in the reporting year

  • Health Climate Index survey for employees to develop a work climate everybody feels comfortable with
  • Health promotion campaigns e.g: Boost your immune system
  • “ZUKUNFT SICHERn” (Safe Future) safety project at the Lenzing site
  • COVID-19 care measures: offering vaccinations, tests
  • 15 million safe man hours without a lost time incident at major construction side in Thailand
  • Total recordable frequency rate reaching group target
  • Introduction of safety webinars


  • Managing Board
  • SVP Human Resources
  • Senior leadership roles
  • Health & safety is a shared responsibility through all layers of the organization


  • Corporate Communications

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