Lenzing’s biodiversity targets

In the presentation of Lenzing’s biodiversity and ecosystem related targets and measures at this point in time, the AR3T framework (Avoid, Reduce, Restore, Regenerate, Transform) is considered a useful sorting scheme. That said, the development of a comprehensive and systematic approach to biodiversity and ecosystems is planned for the Lenzing Group, in line with Sustainability Target 8 (table below).

Several targets have been derived from the Sustainability strategy and the Better Growth strategy, containing elements that positively influence biodiversity and ecosystem services or nature’s contributions to people.

SBTN’s framework for action and Lenzing’s approach

Category of action


Lenzing’s approach


Wood and Pulp Policy

Lenzing explicitly commits to avoiding deforestation in the procurement criteria of the Wood and Pulp Policy


Sustainability Target 2

To offer viscose, modal and lyocell staple fibers with up to 50 percent post-consumer recycled content on a commercial scale by 2025


Sustainability Target 6

To implement a conservation solution of 20 ha in Albania in combination with a social impact project by 2024

Sustainability Target 7

To implement conservation solutions on 15,000 ha at the new pulp site in Indianópolis (Brazil) by 2030

Regenerate & Transform

Sustainability Target 8

To engage in further conservation, biodiversity protection, and restoration activities in regions where forests are at risk or should be improved by 2025

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