Stakeholder engagement: Human rights & fair labor practices


One very special stakeholder group is Lenzing’s staff. Thanks to their transparency, collaboration, and sharing of information, employees at Lenzing are a testimony to a credible sustainability performance by the Lenzing Group.

Communication with employees and employee representatives is regular and varied to ensure a good understanding of the business strategy, goals, performance, market conditions, financial situation and policies as well as any matters relating to contractual terms, conditions and benefits. Information is shared through different channels such as onboarding evets, notice boards, internal mail and internal news, etc.

The works council represents the interests of the employees in various committees and regularly shares information with employees, for example regarding work conditions and remuneration.

Local communities

Both locally and internationally, the Lenzing Group takes its social responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. Therefore, the company maintains continuous and consistent communication to inform local communities and listen to their concerns and ideas, with the goal of creating healthy community relationships. For more information, please see the “Social responsibility” focus paper.

Rating agencies

Various rating agencies have shown an increasing interest in social and labor topics alongside environmental and governance related themes in recent years. Information is mainly provided via questionnaires.

Brands and retailers

Retailers and brands are considered customers by Lenzing, even though they are at the end of the value chain. They are important stakeholders for the company as they are the most important link to consumers. During the reporting year, Lenzing worked on the implementation of the standardized Higg FSLM assessment tool. In addition, customer audits were conducted at various sites, focusing on labor standards and fair labor practices. Customer questionnaires on relevant topics were also completed during the year.

Certification bodies

Certification bodies are also increasingly focusing on human rights and fair labor practices, which is reflected in modified audit processes. In the context of self-assessments and/or audits, these topics are examined in order to obtain the respective certification.


The responsible purchasing of primary and raw materials for fiber and pulp production plays a crucial role for the Lenzing Group. Transparent business relationships with suppliers are key to promoting and improving a sustainable supply chain. In response to increasing demands from value chain partners regarding the social impacts of business practices, Lenzing undergoes the yearly EcoVadis assessment and reviews contracts to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

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