[GRI 2-23; ESRS S1-1, S2-1, S3-1]

The policies and guidelines listed in the Management Approach “Human rights and fair labor practices” apply to the entire Lenzing Group. Those that explicitly come from Human Resources are described in more detail below.

  • Policy on Human Rights and Labor Standards
    This policy confirms the company’s commitment toward human rights and the principles proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), OECD Guidelines, and the Rights at Work of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Lenzing believes in employee satisfaction and wellbeing as well as fostering compliance with standards.
  • Global Recruitment Guideline
    This guideline clarifies the position approval process as well as key rules and roles for the collaboration required to recruit or transfer talent using sound hiring decisions through a fair and unbiased process.
  • Lenzing Group Reward Guideline
    This guideline sets out the guiding principles and reward philosophies of the Lenzing Group with the aim of attracting and retaining staff while also maintaining internal and external equity.
  • Global Guideline for Creating a Job Description
    This guideline provides a global process for creating a job description to ensure standardization and comparability of jobs.
  • Global Job Evaluation Guideline
    This guideline has been created to ensure a globally consistent approach is taken towards job evaluation using the Korn Ferry Hay grading methodology.
  • Lenzing Group Short-Term Incentive Plan
    This plan confirms the structure and targets of the annual bonus set by the Board.
  • Global Salary Administration Guidelines
    These guidelines have been compiled to define the administrative standards required to ensure that an individual employee’s base salary is set at a level that is market-competitive, internally equitable, and performance driven.
  • Global Learning & Development Guideline
    This guideline provides an overview of L&D processes to ensure the Lenzing Group is prepared for further growth by having key employee competencies and skills developed.
  • Global Performance Management Guideline
    This guideline informs employees and managers how to set goals at the start of the year and review them during and at the end of the year in order to share feedback and recognize achievements.
  • Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement (UK only)
    This statement provides an annual update on the actions taken by the business in combating modern slavery.

For more information about further policies, please see the “Business ethics” chapter.

Human rights

The Lenzing Group fosters a safety culture and a sustainable working environment for the benefit of all employees, all local communities in which the company operates, and all business partners. The employees and the company’s social responsibility towards them come first in everything Lenzing does. It is imperative that the entire global network of the Lenzing Group fulfills, and wherever possible, exceeds all applicable social and ethical obligations. Suppliers are held to the same high standards.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is one of the world’s most important initiatives for responsible corporate governance. As a member, Lenzing is committed to upholding human rights, respecting the rights of employees and their representatives, protecting the environment, enabling fair competition and combating corruption. The principles of the UN Global Compact are incorporated into the company’s strategy and thus into the corporate culture as well. The company regularly publishes information from all the countries in which it operates about its efforts to implement these principles.

The Lenzing Code of Conduct creates a framework with ethical standards within which the Lenzing Group operates. It also provides firm guidelines and directives for individual themes and areas that require particular attention, such as corruption prevention, money laundering, counterterrorism, compliance with human rights, occupational health and safety standards, and the protection of whistleblowers. They serve to protect the individual and the company.

To fulfill the requirements of corporate due diligence, Lenzing monitors adherence to laws, human rights principles, and applicable environmental standards not only internally, but also at its suppliers and within its supply chains.

Compliance with human rights is essential and non-negotiable for the Lenzing Group. The company looks to internationally accepted foundational principles and rights when it comes to work as per the International Labor Organization (ILO).


The policies and guidelines are accessible to all employees via the intranet and are also sent by e-mail. Information about engagement and communication with stakeholders can be found in the “Stakeholder engagement” chapter.

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