Stakeholder engagement

[GRI 2-28, 2-29]

Lenzing is committed to stakeholder engagement and prioritizes meaningful, collaborative and sustained engagement with a variety of groups such as suppliers, value chain partners and employees. The Lenzing Group strives to be a sustainability leader and to have the necessary credibility to raise the standards of the entire textile and nonwovens industry.

In pursuit of this, this chapter will identify and define Lenzing’s engagement with the most important stakeholders in each material topic in the reporting year with the aim of increasing transparency and connecting with local communities.

Lenzing has always aspired to be a pioneer in sustainability and an inspiration for the textile industry while looking to catalyze change for the better within the fashion industry towards a more circular and sustainable future.

Read more about Lenzing’s diverse stakeholder groups in the “Stakeholder engagement” focus paper and how stakeholders were involved in the double materiality in the “Materiality analysis” focus paper.

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