Policies and targets


[GRI 2-23, 2-27, 403-4; ESRS S1-1, S1-17]

A safe working environment and supportive health systems for Lenzing’s employees are as critical to business success as eco-responsible products and production processes. Lenzing’s approach to keeping people safe and healthy is anchored, among other principles, in the “Better Growth” corporate strategy and the Policy for Safety, Health and Environment. For more information, please see the “Naturally positive” sustainable strategy and the “Business ethics” chapter.

For more information about compliance with laws and regulations, processes to remediate negative impacts, and an overview of any instances of non-compliance, please see the “Business ethics” chapter.

Health and safety committees

Where occupational health & safety committees are a regulatory requirement, formal agreements with worker representatives are in place and all employees of Lenzing are represented by such committees, which operate at a site level. Each individual site is responsible for arranging and maintaining such committees. Specific details on how often the committees meet, agenda items and the make-up of representatives are in the responsibility of the SHE managers and subject to agreement with union representative.


Lenzing has set a target at Group level to reduce the Total Recordable Frequency Rate (TRIFR) to 0.3 by 2025. Additionally, site targets were developed based on the Group target and actual performance, taking into consideration the size of a site. Building on the TRIFR targets, sites set goals for leading indicators, breaking them down to the departmental level and develop site-specific safety programs that they coordinate with Global Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

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