Overview of the Lenzing Group

Selected indicators of the Lenzing Group

Revenue in EUR mn

Revenue in EUR mn (Bar chart)

Investments (CAPEX) in EUR mn

Investments (CAPEX) in EUR mn (Bar chart)

EBITDA in EUR mn / EBITDA margin in %

EBITDA in EUR mn and EBITDA margin in % (Bar chart)

EBIT in EUR mn / EBIT margin in %

EBIT in EUR mn and EBIT margin in % (Bar chart)

R&D expenditure (after Frascati) in EUR mn

R&D expenditure (after Frascati) in EUR mn  (Bar chart)

Dividend per share in EUR

Dividend per share in EUR (Bar chart)

The Lenzing Group stands for the ecologically responsible production of specialty fibers based on cellulose and recycled materials. As an innovation leader, Lenzing is a partner of global textile and nonwoven manufacturers and drives many new technological developments. The Lenzing Group’s high-quality fibers are the raw material for a wide range of textile applications – ranging from functional, comfortable and fashionable clothing through to durable and sustainable home textiles. Thanks to their special properties and botanical origin, TÜV-certified biodegradable and compostable Lenzing fibers are also ideal for demanding use in everyday hygiene applications.

The Lenzing Group’s business model extends far beyond that of a traditional fiber producer. Together with its customers and partners, Lenzing develops innovative products along the value chain, adding value for consumers. The Lenzing Group strives for efficient utilization and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions for the transition of the textile industry from the current linear economic system to a circular economy. In order to reduce the rate of global warming and thereby also support the goals of the Paris Agreement and the EU Commission’s Green Deal, Lenzing has a clear, science-based climate action plan that provides for a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2030 and a target of net zero by 2050.

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