[ESRS S1-2; GRI 2-29, 403-4]

Works council

The Lenzing Group’s management is committed to a transparent information policy with the employees’ official representatives. Local works councils exist at both sites in Austria. Those at the Lenzing site have a seat and vote on the Supervisory Board of Lenzing AG in accordance with the Austrian Labor Constitution Act. They represent the interests of the employees in Lenzing and Heiligenkreuz (Austria). With the exception of the site Prachinburi (Thailand), trade union representatives from various fractions and/or employee interest groups represent the interests of the employees at all other sites.

Regular and varied communication with employees and their representatives ensures a clear understanding of the business strategy, goals, market conditions, financial situation and policies, including contractual terms, conditions, and benefits. Information is disseminated through channels like onboarding events, notice boards, internal mail, and internal news, etc.

Health and safety committees

Where occupational health and safety committees are a regulatory requirement, formal agreements with worker representatives are in place and all employees of Lenzing are represented by such committees, which operate at a site level. Each individual site is responsible for arranging and maintaining such committees. Specific details on how often the committees meet, agenda items and the make-up of representatives are in the responsibility of the site SHE managers and subject to agreement with union representatives.

Channels to raise concerns 

[ESRS S1-3; GRI 2-16, 2-25]

The following processes are in place for addressing and remediating negative impacts on Lenzing’s workforce.

  • Whistleblower system (described in the “Business conduct” chapter)
  • Work council at the Lenzing and Heiligenkreuz sites, both situated in Austria
  • Trade unions/employee interest groups (except Prachinburi (Thailand) site)
  • Global child labor remediation procedure (described in the section “Policies”)

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