Business conduct stakeholder engagement

[ESRS G1-5; GRI 2-28, 3-3f]

Membership associations

For Lenzing’s membership associations, please see the “Stakeholder engagement” focus paper.


Employees are expected to follow the Global Code of Business Conduct. They are also a viable asset in the timely notification of unlawful conduct within the company. Every employee is informed and trained with regards to Lenzing’s policies and directives.


Suppliers are expected to follow the Supplier Code of Conduct as well as respect human rights and labor laws within their own operations. Lenzing is obliged by the EU Supply Chain Act to carry out a thorough audit of its suppliers.

Austrian Code of Corporate Governance

In order to meet the demands of Lenzing’s shareholders and business partners, it is essential for Lenzing to comply with the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ÖCGK). Customers in particular demand that their service providers and service suppliers adhere to their compliance standards. The Austrian Corporate Governance Code defines specific duties for the Managing Board, Supervisory Board and auditors. The overall responsibility for compliance lies with the Managing Board – it must ensure compliance with legal provisions and work towards their observance within the company (§ 15 ÖCGK). In addition, it must inform the Supervisory Board regularly, comprehensively and promptly about all issues relevant to the company and report at least once a year on precautions taken to combat corruption (§ 18a ÖCGK).

Together for Sustainability (TfS)

Together for Sustainability (TfS) is an initiative consisting of and driven by chemical procurement specialists, which has the goal of collectively building more sustainable chemical supply chains. Lenzing has been a member of this initiative since 2022. All TfS members have full access to a global network of assessed and audited suppliers, which will result in higher efficiencies in sustainable procurement through this shared database. Performance progress based on common principles is shared throughout the TfS community and brings more transparency and unity. This will benefit chemical companies as well as their suppliers.

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