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[ESRS 2 BP-1; GRI 2-1, 2-2, 2-3]1

This report is the combined, consolidated, non-financial report for the Lenzing Group2 (in accordance with Section 267a of the Austrian Business Code (UGB)) and for Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft (in accordance with Section to 243b UGB).

As a pioneer, Lenzing AG already started implementing core elements of the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) into the Sustainability Reports of 2022 and of 2023 in a progressive manner. Lenzing is continuously working on optimizing the inclusion of ESRS in the report. ESRS references in the text do not imply that the entire ESRS is fully adopted, but are intended to reflect the structure of ESRS wherever possible, as well as the associated GRIs.

Since Lenzing operates at a global level with Group-wide approaches in various operating areas, all descriptions of management approaches and concepts concerning the material topics identified apply to both the Lenzing Group and Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft. For indicators for which meaningful figures can be provided, separate data for Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft can be found in the annex. This report covers all the fully consolidated legal entities of the Lenzing Group, detailed information can be found in the Lenzing Group’s Annual Report (note 3 and note 41). In accordance with the legal requirements, the reporting cycle for Lenzing’s sustainability performance is annual.

Lenzing has omitted information regarding precise figures about material inflow, corresponding to GRI 303-1 and 301-2.

[ESRS 2 BP-2; GRI 2-3, 2-4]

Value chain estimations

When metrics include upstream and/or downstream value chain data, these values are estimated using indirect sources, then information about the assumptions are provided at the bottom of the corresponding table in the sustainability statement.

Changes in preparation or presentation of sustainability information

The explanation about revised comparative figures are provided at the bottom of affected tables in the sustainability statement.

The materiality analysis of the Lenzing Group was conducted in 2021. This resulted in changes to the material topics. Detailed information, as the allocation of material topics to chapters, can be found in the section “Double Materiality Analysis” and in the “Materiality Analysis” focus paper. This report does not claim to be compliant with ESRS. Due to further adaption of the ESRS structure this year, Lenzing`s chapters were, where applicable, renamed according to ESRS, e.g. “Climate & energy” was renamed to “Climate change”.

Reporting errors in prior periods

A recalculation of Scope 3 emissions from 2017 to 2021 was necessary due to updated market pulp supplier data (tables “Sustainability key performance indicators” and “Greenhouse gas emissions of the Lenzing Group”).

Disclosures stemming from other legislation or generally accepted sustainability reporting pronouncements

This report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for the period 01.01.2023–31.12.2023. A detailed GRI content index can be found on the website of the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023 of the Lenzing Group.

For indicators for which meaningful figures can be provided, separate data for Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft can be found in the annex (in accordance with the legal requirements stipulated by the Austrian Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG3) and the AFRAC recommendation.)

Contact for inquiries

Krishna Manda
VP Corporate Sustainability
Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft
4860 Lenzing

Phone: +43 7672 701-0
E-mail: sustainability@lenzing.com

All focus papers mentioned in this report can be found here: https://www.lenzing.com/investors/publications

Incorporation by reference

The following table shows which disclosure requirements of the sustainability statement are incorporated by reference.

Incorporation by reference

ESRS 2 GOV-1 paragraphs 20, 21, 22 The role of the administrative, management and supervisory bodies (GRI 2-9, 2-12)

Annual Report: Group Corporate Governance Report

ESRS 2 GOV-1 paragraph 22c (GRI 2-18)

Annual Report: Group Corporate Governance Report

ESRS 2 GOV-5 Risk management and internal controls over sustainability reporting (GRI 2-12, 2-18)

Annual Report: Group Corporate Governance Report; Annual Report: Risk report

ESRS 2 SBM 3 paragraph 46, 47, 48, 49 (GRI 2-22)

Annual Report: Letter from the CEO

GRI 2-1

Annual Report: Lenzing Group locations; Share capital and shareholder structure

GRI 2-9, 2-10, 2-11, 2-15

Annual Report: Group Corporate Governance Report

GRI 2-19

Remuneration Report
(available from 21.03.2024)

GRI 2-20

Remuneration Policy

1 In addition to the GRI disclosure, the corresponding ESRS section is noted. There is no claim to fulfilment of the ESRS in this and the following chapters.

2 “The Group” (for better readability occasionally referred to as “Lenzing”) comprises Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft and its subsidiaries.

3 Nachhaltigkeits- und Diversitätsverbesserungsgesetz (Section 243b, Section 267a UGB)

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