Metrics and targets

[ESRS G1-4; GRI 205-3, 206-1]

See “targets” in the management approach at the beginning of this chapter. All of Lenzing’s sustainability targets can be found in the “General information” chapter.

Supplier engagement

To engage suppliers, covering more than 80 percent of spend, to improve sustainability performance

On track


Lenzing assesses 95 percent of its top suppliers representing 80 percent of spend via EcoVadis, the Together for Sustainability Audit or an internal assessment/audit by 2025

On track


Lenzing considers climate, water and chemical aspects in the procurement contractual process of its top chemicals suppliers

On track

Progress made in 2023

Around 600 of Lenzing’s key suppliers were assessed by EcoVadis. Eight suppliers were audited by Lenzing through the Together for Sustainability audit program. 40 percent spend was covered by these assessments. Supply agreements signed with the top chemical suppliers include sustainability clauses.


Color code status   On track Achieved Delayed New target Measures implemented

Compliance violations

Compliance violations via the whistleblower system are collected in the Legal, IP and Compliance department. There were no public complaints in connection with corruption brought against the company or its employees during the reporting period. Furthermore, there were no significant legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices in 2023.

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