Metrics and targets

[ESRS S4-5; GRI 3-3e, 416-1, 416-2, 417-2]

See “targets” in the management approach at the beginning of this chapter. All of Lenzing’s sustainability targets can be found in the “General information” chapter.

Despite energy prices, global political developments and volatile market demands, which influence operational activities impacting product quality, deviations in quality were further reduced. Improvement in key defect categories continued in most of Lenzing’s lyocell and viscose factories. Performance is further improved versus 2022, which is reflected in the quality-related KPIs for the entire Group (e.g. reduction of poor-quality share, increase first-time-right share). In 2023, the number of justified product and logistics complaints for the fiber business were further reduced versus 2022. The current performance indicates the effectiveness of the quality improvements implemented in both product and service quality areas. Lenzing is confident that all of its products perform well in their respective applications.

As in previous years, there were no complaints or incidents of regulatory non-compliance raised by (in)direct customers or authorities concerning product and service information, labeling and the health and safety impact of Lenzing’s products. A single customer complaint related to product certification compliance was received (e.g. FSC® customer complaint regarding a Certificate of Analysis stating the wrong certificate code) which was addressed and closed in collaboration with the certification body.

In 2023, the PSRA department executed nine risk assessments for new production chemicals according to plan, which did not result in additional health and safety impact improvement activities. In addition, no changes in relevant regulations have been identified triggering any additional risk assessment exercises.

The complexity of customer inquiries related to the company’s compliance status regarding its management systems, operational practices, product certificates, regulatory compliance, and raw material traceability has increased. All requests received were reviewed, categorized based on their topic, assigned to the appropriate team or individual for handling and answered according to internally defined KPIs.

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