Procurement management

Wood, pulp and chemicals purchasing are handled by three different teams within the Lenzing Group. Lenzing aims to minimize purchasing risks, such as major price fluctuations and supply bottlenecks through reliable, long-term supply relationships and active supplier management.

Supplier selection and evaluation are based on economic, quality as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. For its suppliers (outside of wood and pulp suppliers) Lenzing has a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that these criteria are adhered to by the suppliers. For more information, please see the “Business conduct” chapter.

The most important materials procured are (in order of annual procurement volume): wood, dissolving wood pulp, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, sulfur, carbon disulfide, sulfur dioxide and magnesium oxide.

Training of Buyers

In order to fulfil Lenzing’s ambitions for supply chain due diligence and to increase supplier engagement, the global purchasing team is being continuously trained for EcoVadis either by EcoVadis platform training sessions or internally (using EcoVadis website information source). Purchasers affected have access to the EcoVadis platform and an internal library, so that they can further develop their knowledge in sustainability areas via the EcoVadis academy.

A webinar for the procurement team was held in October with the focus on corrective action plans for suppliers and how to incorporate sustainability topics into the daily business.

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