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The essence of our “Better Growth” corporate strategy is that we are not satisfied with merely reducing negative effects. Rather, as a pioneer of the circular economy, we create as much benefit as possible for the economy, the environment and society. We have not only the expertise but also the capacity at a scale that enables the sustainable transformation of large business segments.

In 2019, Lenzing became the first fiber manufacturer to set science-based climate targets. These targets aim to halve carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. We invite partners, customers, and investors to join us on this journey.


Projects at a glance

Site upgrade in China

Secular growth in demand

Lenzing has for the first time begun offering locally produced TENCEL™ fibers to Chinese customers. Secular demand for eco-friendly specialty fibers is steadily increasing, especially among Asian customers.

The Lenzing Group has successfully completed the conversion of a production line from generic viscose to TENCEL™ branded modal fibers for textiles and clothing. Lenzing is therefore in a position to offer its Chinese customers locally produced TENCEL™ fibers for the first time and meet the secular growth in demand more quickly. Thanks to the conversion of the production line with a nameplate capacity of 35,000 tons per year, the fiber portfolio of the Chinese production site now solely consists of eco-friendly specialty fibers. In addition, Lenzing also offers LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibers for textile applications and viscose eco fibers for nonwoven applications in China.

Factory building from a distance (Photo)

Lower emissions, better portfolio

Lenzing invested EUR 100 million in its Chinese site to further reduce carbon emissions and upgrade the product portfolio. The company is currently implementing a gradual shift to green energy at the Nanjing site, where grid electricity has been solely derived from renewable sources since 2023.

“Demand for our eco-friendly specialty fibers is constantly rising. We see enormous growth potential, especially in Asia. Thanks to our investments in China and other Asian locations, we are even better positioned to meet this growing demand.”

Stephan SielaffChief Executive Officer at Lenzing

Acquisition of biomass power plant

Resolute step into the future

Lenzing accelerates the energy transition in Heiligenkreuz and acquires a biomass power plant to supply its lyocell plant in Burgenland. The strategic investment will ensure greater energy independence, reduce carbon emissions further and strengthen the environmentally friendly specialty fiber range as well as the future of the site.

The Lenzing Group is acquiring the 43 MW biomass power plant of ENERGIE 42 Beteiligungs GmbH located in the Heiligenkreuz business park (Burgenland). This strategic investment will significantly reduce the dependence on fossil energy at the Heiligenkreuz production site. Around 50 percent of the natural gas currently used can be replaced by energy from renewable sources in the future.

Support for brands and retailers

Previously, the site was heavily dependent on natural gas with a share of renewable energy through biomass and biogas of less than ten percent. The exclusive use of biomass from the nearby power plant will enable the site to reduce its carbon emissions associated with energy use by around 50,000 tons of CO2 per year. Lenzing’s specialty fibers contribute to significantly lower carbon emissions throughout the supply chain and help brands and retailers achieve their climate and sustainability goals.

“With this strategic investment, we are making an important contribution to site security and strengthening our range of eco-friendly specialty fibers. In the future, we will invest even more in sustainable energy concepts to further reduce our carbon emissions in line with our ambitious climate target.”

Christian SkilichChief Pulp Officer & Chief Technology Officer at Lenzing

Investment in wind power

Fresh air in the energy mix

Lenzing relies on wind power to expand the green energy mix in fiber and pulp production. The new plant will supply our Lenzing site in Upper Austria with around 13 megawatts of power from 2025. The supply contract with WLK energy increases our independence from fossil fuels and secures our long-term power supply.

“The generation of renewable electrical energy from wind and solar power and from biomass is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy and the basis for long-term commercial success. With the Engelhartstetten wind farm, we are not only making another significant contribution to the decarbonization of Lenzing. Together with our strong partners, we are also positioning ourselves even more independently of the global energy market and thus gain more planning security.”

Christian SkilichChief Pulp Officer & Chief Technology Officer at Lenzing

Social certifications for Lenzing sites

Certificate for safe and fair working conditions

Five Lenzing sites have passed an external Higg FSLM (Facilities Social and Labor Module) assessment. The accreditation of these and the other pulp and fiber production sites is one of our sustainability goals.

“Our partners are increasingly interested in ensuring social sustainability in the value chain, which involves obtaining evidence and data from their suppliers and other partners. Instead of having to carry out individual audits on request, we can now share our external verification results if required.”

Krishna MandaVice President Corporate Sustainability at Lenzing

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