Own workforce stakeholder engagement

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One very special stakeholder group is Lenzing’s staff. Communication with employees and employee representatives is regular and varied to ensure a good understanding of the business strategy, goals, performance, market conditions, financial situation and policies as well as any matters relating to contractual terms, conditions and benefits. Information is shared through different channels such as onboarding events, notice boards, internal mail and internal news, etc.

Health & safety

To achieve Lenzing’s vision – “LEAVE HOME HEALTHY, COME HOME HEALTHY” – different activities and initiatives are conducted for Lenzing`s employees, such as specific training sessions and monthly safety webinars. Safety dashboards ensure employees have access to daily reports on key safety performance metrics in order to take appropriate measures when needed.


Lenzing was in exchange with customers. Customer audits were conducted at various Lenzing sites, focusing on labor standards and fair labor practices. Customer questionnaires on relevant topics were also completed during the year.

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