Managing social sustainability

In its “Better Choices” corporate culture, the Lenzing Group places a high priority on people as a strategic focus, as an integral part of its holistic sustainability approach. It is increasingly being seen as a compliance topic within the industry, which led to the establishment of the Social Sustainability department (within Human Resources – Corporate People Development) in 2022 to manage these objectives effectively.

Labor rights are subject to national laws. Employees at all Lenzing sites receive fair wages thanks to a highly regarded internal global grading system, collective bargaining, the activities of union representatives, and national protections for human rights. The Lenzing Group’s own labor practices are also evaluated through the yearly assessment which is conducted by EcoVadis.

The Lenzing Group’s corporate culture is characterized by long-term partnerships, close collaboration, and mutual respect based on open dialog and transparency. Social sustainability is regarded as a corporate value and has consequently been integrated into Lenzing’s global human resources (HR) strategy, HR policy, and HR processes.

1 In addition to the GRI disclosure, the corresponding ESRS section is noted. There is no claim to fulfilment of the ESRS in this and the following chapters.

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