Information Security Policy

Lenzing is fully committed to upholding the protection of human rights, including data privacy. Protecting information is an ongoing endeavor for each and every employee, contractor or business partner associated with a company within the Lenzing Group in order to proactively maintain and improve an appropriate level of security for all kinds of information processes. The Information Security Policy promotes a risk-based approach to achieve global compliance with information security and data protection. Lenzing does this while balancing the rights and needs of the company, society and individuals.

This policy and applicable legal regulations constitute a framework for multiple directives/guidelines that are regularly reviewed and reworked, including:

  • Lenzing Global Code of Conduct
  • IT User Directive (secure use of the IT systems and the basic principles of information security measures)
  • Smartphone Directive (mobile devices)
  • Terms of Use for Private Mobile Devices
  • Know-How Protection Directive (including classification of data and its processing)
  • Secure storage of personal identifiable information
  • Cyber Defense Operation Handbook

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