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To Lenzing, compliance is teamwork

Lenzing’s mission of compliance

Lenzing is a global company and naturally acts in a compliant manner. The Compliance Management System is an integral part of the Lenzing Group’s reporting system. The compliance function aims to advise and support all Lenzing employees, executives and managers through preventive risk-oriented measures and consistent detection and response processes, ultimately protecting them from the negative consequences of violations of laws and values.

Compliance goes beyond adhering to legal requirements

Lenzing strives to achieve exemplary quality in products and processes, as well as integrity and honesty in dealing with business partners and shareholders. Compliance at the Lenzing Group not only stands for compliance with legal regulations and regulatory standards. Compliance for Lenzing is a question of attitude that also reflects a culture of tolerance and integrity when dealing with one another. The subject of compliance is therefore firmly anchored within the entire Group, via the active responsibility of all employees and executives, as well as a shared culture of values. Lenzing ensures that any reported cases of suspected non-compliance are investigated thoroughly and does not tolerate any form of compliance breaches if any are discovered.

Lenzing’s compliance organization is transnational and composed of international experts led by the Group Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board. The executives of the Lenzing Group have the task of ensuring that the rules are known, understood and adhered to by all employees. For more information on the role of the highest governance body in overseeing the management of impacts, please see the Corporate Governance Report. Lenzing expects its employees to comply with its rules of conduct. They are also asked to be alert, examine carefully and report anything that can be improved or any violation of rules and values that is detected.

1 In addition to the GRI disclosure, the corresponding ESRS section is noted. There is no claim to fulfilment of the ESRS in this and the following chapters.

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