Digitalization & cyber security stakeholder engagement

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Customers and consumers

Supply chain traceability has become a top priority for apparel and home textile brands. Lenzing’s blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability platform TextileGenesis™ supports the entire supply chain in meeting increasing demands for transparency and sustainability. More than 4530 different textile value chain companies (spinners, fabric mills, garment makers etc.) have now joined the platform.


Technical measures are important but cannot provide protection in all situations. This is why empowered and security-conscious employees are essential in the front line of defense. To promote these skills, Lenzing carries out several activities, such as regular awareness initiatives via news articles on the intranet and other communication channels, or information security eLearning for each and every IT user.

Cyber security experts

Lenzing’s cybersecurity experts regularly connect and exchange knowledge with other cybersecurity experts from various organizations and cybersecurity stakeholders. This way, Lenzing can learn from others and stay updated on the latest trends and threats in the field of cybersecurity. Lenzing believes that collaboration and communication is essential for enhancing our cybersecurity posture and resilience.

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