Metrics and targets

[ESRS E4-4; GRI 3-3e]

AR3T Framework of actions for nature, from SBTN (2020)a


Prevent impact from happening in the first place: prevent the impact entirely


Minimize impacts, but without necessarily eliminating them


Initiate or accelerate the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity, and sustainability, with a focus on permanent changes in its state


Take measures designed to increase the biophysical function and/or ecological productivity of an ecosystem or its components within existing land uses, often with a focus on a few of nature’s specific contributions to people (e.g. regenerative agriculture often focuses on carbon sequestration, food production, and nitrogen and phosphorus retention)


Take measures contributing to system-wide change, notably to alter the drivers of nature loss, e.g. through technological, economic, institutional, and social factors and changes in underlying values and behaviors

a) Science-based targets for nature. Initial guidance for businesses. 2020

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