Management approach

Management approach

Material topic: Water and marine resources

[GRI 3-3]

Lenzing aims to improve its product water footprint by increasing the proportion of Lenzing pulp and expanding specialty product manufacturing. The company bases its communication strategy on results from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), providing partners with information on water footprints to assist them in achieving their water targets. Lenzing’s dedication to sustainable water management fosters its position as a global leader in environmentally responsible fiber production. For disclosures concerning emissions to water see “Pollution” chapter.

Actual and potential negative and positive impacts, risks and opportunities


  • Better product water footprint through higher proportion of Lenzing pulp and expansion of specialty product manufacturing
  • LCA-based communication of Lenzing’s products with improved water footprint helps value chain partners fulfill their water targets


Own activities:
  • Physical risk of water scarcity could affect operations
  • Water withdrawal can have negative impacts on local communities or ecosystems

Policies and commitments

  • Water Policy
  • “Naturally Positive” sustainability strategy with “Water stewardship” focus area
  • Lenzing Group sustainability targets
  • Lenzing Group ISO 14001:2015 certification
  • Group Policy for Safety, Health and Environment
  • Group Environmental Standard
  • Global Code of Business Conduct
  • Global Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Wood and Pulp Policy
  • Higg FEM

Actions taken

  • Further development of Environmental Key Data (EKD) reporting to comply with updated GRI indicator and ESRS disclosure requirements
  • CDP Water Security reporting
  • Environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015 (including risk assessment and internal audits to ensure effectiveness of the measures implemented)
  • Continuous development of Lenzing the Group Environmental Standard
  • Regular Global QESH meetings with management review
  • Integration of global water-related assessment tools into risk managemen

Sustainability targets, measures and progress

  • “FEM” target


  • Local communities
  • Enforcing authorities
  • Customers


  • CEO
  • Site managers


  • Global QESH
  • Performance.Improvement.Technology

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