Lenzing is dedicated to upholding high technological and safety standards at its production facilities. However, Lenzing acknowledges that its operations and the following risks of incidents can potentially affect surrounding communities.

Therefore, Lenzing takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously. Lenzing tries to maintain an ongoing and open communication with local communities to inform them and listen to their concerns and ideas, aiming at cultivating constructive relationships with the communities in which the company operates.

Various production sites function within distinct ecological, social and economic regional and global contexts and share with its regional partners interdependencies, encompassing opportunities and challenges. Fostering further societal wellbeing stands as a fundamental element of Lenzing’s “Naturally Positive” sustainability strategy. For more information on this strategy, please see the “General information” chapter.

Communities affected by Lenzing’s value chain

The Lenzing Group takes its responsibility as a large industrial company and reliable corporate citizen seriously, even outside its direct business operations. Wood is Lenzing’s main input material. The FSC® certificates provide the assurance that the forest management work takes into account aspects, such as respect for the rights of indigenous people, the wellbeing of the professionals who work in the forest and local communities, the reduction of environmental impact, and the promotion of native forest conservation and restoration efforts.

1 In addition to the GRI disclosure, the corresponding ESRS section is noted. There is no claim to fulfilment of the ESRS in this and the following chapters.

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