Work-life balance and compensation

Parental leave

[ESRS S1-15; GRI 401-3]

The length of parental leave depends on the country-specific definitions in the respective labor laws and can range from a few days to several months. In the reporting year, precise data on parental leave was collected for the first time. According to this, 130 men and 43 women were on parental leave, of which 124 men and 37 women returned in 2023. 121 men and 39 women are still employed by the company 12 months after their return.

Benefits provided

[GRI 401-2]

Employees at all Lenzing sites have the option of parental leave. Depending on national regulations, the company offers its employees life insurance, health care, retirement provision, disability and invalidity coverage as well as group bonuses at almost all production sites. Flexible working hours, part-time work and working from home are also offered at the majority of sites. Offers that apply to full-time employees also apply in most cases to part-time employees and in many cases also to temporary employees.

Annual total compensation ratio

[ESRS S1-16, GRI 2-21]

The annual total compensation ratio can be found in the following table. For further information regarding remuneration, please see the Remuneration Report (available from 21.03.2024).

Annual total compensation ratio 2023

Employee category

Compensation category




Highest paid individual

Annual compensation (rounded to thousands)

€ 638,000


2,200 %

All employees (excluding highest paid individual)

Median annual total compensation (rounded to thousands)

€ 29,000


100 %


Before taxes and with bonus payments

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