Metrics and targets

[ESRS S3-5; GRI 3-3e, GRI 2-25, GRI 2-27]

See “targets” in the management approach at the beginning of this chapter. All of Lenzing’s sustainability targets can be found in the “General information” chapter.

Community engagement

To continuously support the development of local communities near Lenzing production sites and support social welfare programs to 2025 and beyond

On track

Progress made in 2023

Lenzing supported numerous social projects for local communities near Lenzing sites. For more information please see the chapter “Affected communties” and the “Community engagement” focus paper.


Color code status   On track Achieved Delayed New target Measures implemented

Social and environmental compliance

Conflicts of interest and production-related circumstances, such as noise, unpleasant odors, and environmental pollution, can result in disputes with local residents. Procedures are in place at all sites to ensure that complaints are handled fairly and impartially. All complaints are reviewed monthly and reported directly to the Lenzing Group’s senior management teams. In 2023, 49 of such complaints were registered at various sites, and appropriate remedial measures were taken following the investigation and review process. In Nanjing (China), a NaHS leak into the ground was observed during an environmental inspection and resulted in a fine of 52,500 yuan (approximately EUR 6,733). Due to a violation of the dangerous goods transportation act from an incident that happened in September 2020, Lenzing (Austria) was fined EUR 3,000 in the final jurisdiction 2023.

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