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The Lenzing Group maintains continuous engagement and dialogue with its suppliers and strives for establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships. All Lenzing Group suppliers must adhere to the Lenzing Global Supplier Code of Conduct. Wood and pulp suppliers also have to follow the Wood and Pulp Policy which prioritizes purchasing from wood and pulp suppliers compliant with FSC® or PEFC standards. Suppliers are required to allow Lenzing or its representatives access to their facilities and relevant records upon advance notice. Lenzing is allowed to carry out assessments to ensure compliance.


To align with Lenzing’s commitment to supply chain due diligence and enhance supplier engagement, the global purchasing team undergoes ongoing training facilitated by EcoVadis. This training occurs through EcoVadis platform sessions or internal training sessions utilizing information from the EcoVadis website. Purchasers who participate in these initiatives gain access to the EcoVadis platform, empowering them to deepen their understanding of sustainability through the available EcoVadis academy.

Together for Sustainability (TfS)

Lenzing joined the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative in 2022, led by chemical procurement specialists. TfS members, including Lenzing, gain access to a global network of assessed and audited suppliers, fostering sustainable procurement efficiencies. Sharing performance progress based on common principles within the TfS community enhances transparency and unity, benefiting both chemical companies and their suppliers.

Direct customers

Lenzing collaborates closely with partners that utilize Lenzing’s fibers to produce textiles, nonwovens, and industrial products, extending from direct customers to the retail level in the textile and nonwovens sectors.

Meeting the growing demands for transparency and sustainability, Lenzing has also introduced TextileGenesis™, a blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability platform. Different textile value chain companies have joined the platform since 2022. For more detailed information, please see the “Digitalization & cyber security” chapter.

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